Commercial Heat Treating Services
Stress relieved castings ready for unloading
Stress Relieving
Vibratory Stress Relieving
Sub-Critical Annealing
Overnight Service Possible
Your Product
Carbon Steel Plate & Weldments
Grey Iron Castings
Ductile Iron Castings
Steel Castings
Steel Forgings
Stainless Steel (low temperature stress relieving)
(1) 62" High X 90" Wide X 122" Long car-bottom furnace
(2) 60" High X 88" Wide X 120" Long car-bottom furnace
Temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit
Up to 40,000 pounds per cycle
Every heat charted - FREE copies on request
Thermocouples placed in the load
Operates SEVEN days per week

Heat Treat Boxes provided free of charge to high-volume accounts

Flexibility to meet your cycle requirements

Finishing Operations
Steel Shot or Grit Blasting
Prime Painting
Finish Painting

Brinell Hardness Testing & Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) available

Quench & Temper and other hardening operations and some low-volume annealing
Processed by outside vendors to your specifications

Don't let heat treating delays hold up your production.
With Hall Steel, it's like having your own heat treating department...without the overhead!

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